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White still wine


Young wine


75 cl




Smooth and fruity


Contains Sulfites

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A light and very pleasant wine with all the expression of the Albariño grape.

We experience a harvest full of tradition and care, where each grape is picked by hand and delicately placed in boxes. But that’s not all, our elaboration process stands out for a double maceration that enhances flavors and aromas. First, a 5-hour skin maceration followed by a second maceration in contact with the lees for 48 hours. This meticulous process allows the wine to retain its full aromatic potential and flavor. Once the macerations are completed, the wine is fermented at a cool temperature of 15 ºC to ensure that every note and nuance is preserved. Once fermentation is complete, the wine is carefully racked and kept cold until bottling. Each step of this artisanal process is carried out with love and dedication, so that you can enjoy a unique experience when tasting our wine.

A bright yellow white wine with golden-greenish glints, reflecting its crystalline purity. Its aroma displays a captivating potential, with fruity, floral notes of delicate white flowers and a tropical touch of pineapple and kiwi. On the palate, its acidity reinforces a refreshing and vibrant sensation, while fruity and tropical notes linger on the palate. This wine is lively, lively and light, with perfect balance. It is ideal to enjoy it by the glass.

It is perfect for those hours in between meals, when the most important thing is a good conversation. It can also be paired with salads and light seafood dishes. It is recommended to be served at a temperature between 6 and 8 °C.


  • 91 Decanter Points
  • Silver at CINVE