Pedro Ferrer Noguer, president of Ferrer Wines, interviewed by Alimarket
Jan 12, 2024

The president of Ferrer Wines highlights the importance of innovation, sustainability and digitalization in the wine industry. He recognizes that it is essential to adapt to change and take advantage of the opportunities offered by technology. In addition, Pedro Ferrer Noguer mentions that they are open to listen to proposals and find synergies with other companies. This indicates that they are willing to collaborate with different industry players to drive growth and continuous improvement in their company. In summary, Pedro Ferrer Noguer stresses the importance of innovation, sustainability and digitalization, and shows an open attitude towards collaboration and the search for synergies in his sector.

In the interview he also stated: “I have always thought that I have two souls, divided and united at the same time. The former is proud of the great business that Freixenet has become and how the alliances with Henkell have helped us become a leader in the sparkling wine market worldwide. My second soul loves the land and likes to make wines that express it. Small elaborations that make known the maximum expression of the variety, the land, the climate… all over the world. At this point, autonomy is vital and this is where Ferrer Miranda and Fourfer are the protagonists: small estates in exceptional winegrowing areas that produce high quality wines.

As for our way of doing things, I declare that I like to listen to winemakers and, especially, to our consumers, who choose us on the restaurant menu or on the shelf. They provide us with fundamental clues for our future, including signature wines and small wineries that are very sustainable with their environment. In addition, our wineries are certified vegan and we already have organic wines, as we are concerned about being respectful and consistent with the land, the vineyards and the environment. However, we also like to experiment in order to make the best wines, and this is demonstrated by the rain of awards we are receiving at our four estate wineries.

Our goal is to inspire others through our wines, transmitting passion, creativity and excellence in every bottle.

Pedro Ferrer Noguer – President of Ferrer Wines