Ferrer Wines took part in the Chef and Waiter of the Year Awards.

Ferrer Wines participated in the Chef and Waiter of the Year Awards, held last week as part of the Alimentaria Barcelona-HOSTELCO fair, at the Horeca Hub space. This participation was made possible thanks to our strategic alliance with Grupo Caterdata S.L. The Chef of...

Pedro Ferrer became the president of the Spanish Wine Federation after the assembly held in Madrid.
Apr 11, 2024

The General Assembly of the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV), held this Wednesday, April 10th, in Madrid, marked a significant moment for the Spanish wine sector. Not only was Pedro Ferrer Noguer elected as the new president of the organization, but also a series of proposals and approaches were presented to address the current and future challenges of this industry, which is deeply rooted in the country’s culture and economy.

During his inaugural speech as the president of the FEV at the general assembly, Ferrer, the sole administrator of Ferrer Wines, emphasized that wine “is part of the social and cultural identity of our country” and is the way of life for many areas of rural Spain that would otherwise be “destined for abandonment and desertification” without viticulture.

For this reason, Ferrer urged the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food, Luis Planas, who was present at the closing session, to “take further steps” to “educate and defend the sector” within the Council of Ministers, in response to the “excesses” of other administrations, especially in Brussels, and against international organizations that question the social legitimacy of moderate wine consumption. “Moderation, which we strongly advocate for at the FEV, should not only apply to consumption but also to public and political discourse,” he emphasized. Additionally, Pedro Ferrer Noguer holds the position of co-CEO and vice president of the Freixenet Group.

The president of the FEV is elected every three years by the General Assembly, and they are entrusted with full representation of the assembly before authorities and third parties, intervening on behalf of the organization.